2018 Lifetime Achievement Awards

February 3, 2018
at the Loews Hollywood Hotel

SOC Technical Achievement Awards 2018

Online submission is open from April 15, 2017
until October 16, 2017

Congratulations to the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients!

Camera Operator Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
Scott Sakamoto

Camera Technician Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
John Connor

Mobile Camera Platform Operator Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
Dan Pershing

Still Photographer Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
JoJo Whilden

Congratulations to the 2017 Lifetime Achievement

Governors and Distinguished Service Award Recipients!

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

John Bailey

Distinguished Service
Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Denny Clairmont


Announcing Demo Days’ Panel of Judges for the Technology Lifetime Achievement Award

Luke Cormack, SOC
Rich Davis, SOC
David Emmerichs, SOC
Eric Fletcher, SOC- Technical Chair
Dave Frederick, SOC
Dan Gold, SOC
Jaime Hitchcock, SOC
Manolo Rojas Moscopulos, SOC
David Sammons, SOC


Lifetime Achievement Awards Timeline

Publications Timeline

Watch the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Awards

Part 1

Opening Remarks, George Billinger, SOC
Mobile Camera Platform Operator Award, Mike Moad

Part 2

Technical Achievement Awards:
SHOTOVER, Brad Hurndell
That Cat, Phil Saad

Part 3

Still Photographer Award, Phillip Caruso

Part 4

Governors Award, Michael Keaton

Part 5

Camera Technician Award, Bobby Mancuso
CHLA Vision Center, Dr. Thomas C. Lee

Part 6

COY TV, Andrew Mitchell, SOC
COY Film, Ari Robbins, SOC

Part 7

Camera Operator Award, Garrett Brown, SOC

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