2024 SOC Technical Achievement Awards

We invite you to submit eligible technologies for the Society of Camera Operators’ Technical Achievement Award from September 5, 2023, through November 3, 2023. Please keep in mind the Award is for technology that is used by the camera operator and camera crew during production.

There will be a fee of $925 USD per submission. You are welcome to submit more than one technology product per company. Once your submission is received, you will receive an email from the SOC confirming the submission. At this time you will be required to complete the payment details.  

Once all submissions are received, the Technical Committee will set up an in-person review during Demo Day. Demo Day will be hosted in Burbank, California on Saturday, November 11, 2023, where entrants will have the opportunity to present their technologies in a hands-on demonstration. Details and schedule regarding Demo Day will be sent once the submission period closes.

After the in-person reviews at Demo Day, the technical jury will deliberate and select the Award recipient. The SOC Technical Achievement Award will be presented at the SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards dinner and celebration on Saturday, February 24, 2024.

Award Criteria

To qualify for a Technical Achievement Award, the technical development and the company and/or individuals responsible for it must meet the following criteria for technical excellence.

The development must be one of the following:

  • A completely new, important, and lasting device or technique, or
  • An essential and lasting innovation that modifies existing equipment, product, or technique, or
  • A significant improvement on, or adjunct to, existing equipment/production equipment, or
  • Equipment that furthers the creativity and storytelling by the camera operator

For questions contact membership@soc.org.

Once your submission is received you will receive an email from the SOC confirming the submission and at this time you will be required to fill out the payment details. Submission will not be complete UNLESS the payment is received.

Tech Awards Jury

  • Eric Fletcher, SOC, Committee Chair
  • Andrew Ansnick, SOC
  • William Arnot, SOC
  • David Emmerichs, SOC
  • Steve Fracol, SOC
  • David Frederick, SOC
  • Geoffrey Haley, SOC
  • Jamie Hitchcock, SOC
  • Simon Jayes, SOC
  • Lawrence Karman, SOC
  • Mark LaBonge, SOC
  • Rocker Meadows, SOC
  • John Perry, SOC
  • Manolo Rojas, SOC
  • David Sammons, SOC
  • Lisa Stacilauskas, SOC
  • Gretchen Warthen, SOC

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